Theater: Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Role: Belle (and vocal ensemble)

Synopsis: The Rep’s hit new adaptation, which broke box office records last December, is a tale of love, hope and redemption with just the right blend of beautiful music, lively dancing, stunning sets and eye-popping special effects. A dazzling Christmas feast with enough theatrical goodies to fill any sized stocking hung by the chimney with care.

“Young Scrooge and Belle: One of this version’s best features is the attention Clements pays to the relationship between Young Scrooge and Belle; he’s given this relationship much more of a back story than the prior version had and added one of the most devastating scenes in Dickens’ novella: Scrooge’s visit to the home of a happily married Belle, surrounded by children that could have been his.  As young Scrooge, Christopher Peltier conveys a sensitive and impressionable but also scared and shy boy who curdles as he becomes a man; he lives the truth that Belle speaks when she sorrowfully tells him that “you fear the world too much.”  A lovely Arya Daire delivers a Belle grieving the man she’s lost and yet wise enough to know she can’t bring him back.”


“In the 42nd annual Rep production of this Charles Dickens story, Clements has transformed a classic into a spectacular story, full of horrors and suspense, a penetrating look into what a play needs to carry and deliver all the power it can… Deborah Staples [Ghost of Christmas Past] is up first as she takes control and freezes Scrooge in her embrace to visit the things that turned him into the monster he now is: from a young boy to a young man (Christopher Peltier) in love with the ravishing Belle (Arya Daire) but unable to overcome his social awkwardness to pursue her.  This adaptation by Mr. Clements has become a fascinatingly layered mounting of this classic, with added details and depth and backstory of nephews, friends, employees and others who have dipped into Scrooge’s life.”

-Dave Begel, On Milwaukee