Theater: Goodman Theatre
Role: Townsperson and u/s Katherine

Synopsis: When a water contamination crisis puts their community in peril, two brothers face off in a battle of political ambitions and moral integrity.

“In this production, the great town hall meeting plays out as a kind of cautionary tale for progressives on how not to talk in such a way as to make things worse… a must-see show that has your mind whizzing and whirring, pondering the absurdities of the moment as well as its well-paved spot in the history of democratic lurches and missteps.  3.5 stars”


“’Enemy’ indicts on all side: The fickle nature of humankind, the hubris of would-be saviors, the totalitarian bullying of small-town powermongers, the herd-mentality of crowds – nobody escapes and there are no absolutes… Falls elicits powerful performances from his ensemble. Johnson’s town hall address is a stunner that builds to what feels like an almost impossible crescendo. Usually when characters start slamming the furniture around, things have turned directly into hamland. Not here. 3.5 stars”

-Catey Sullivan, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

“It all comes to a horrible head in the second act’s massive town meeting (extras galore, including some of Chicago’s finest actors). A tad heavy-handed but corrosively true to Ibsen’s 1882 rage, this cat-calling circus becomes a stationary pogrom to all but lynch Thomas Stockmann for telling the truth.”

-Lawrence Bommer, STAGE AND CINEMA

“The audience’s audible reactions to particularly searing lines prove that this 19th-century classic remains as relevant as ever, and Falls’ thoughtful direction presents nuanced characters and ideas which defy simplistic analysis… Dr. Stockmann’s interaction with his fellow citizens at a town hall meeting highlights the breakdown of communication that so easily occurs between neighbors with differing opinions.  Stockmann is ultimately shouted down as an “enemy of the people” when he fails to communicate his largely valid – or at least thought-provoking – ideas and concerns in a diplomatic manner. This production makes it easy to draw connections to the politically polarized state of our nation and its effects on personal relationships and healthy public discourse.”


“There are moments of real power in this production, particularly during the climactic confrontation between Dr. Stockmann and his fellow citizens.”

Hugh Iglarsh, NEW CITY STAGE

“Robert Fall’s remastering of this classic is riveting genius… The plot offers the best thing of all … no resolution … instead just a realization there are so many factors that play into why a populace follows politicians or leaders and how they are drawn into the rhetoric that it is an exercise for the brain.”