Theater: Indiana Repertory Theatre
Role: Dr. Nihal Al-Agbhari

Synopsis: IRT’s award-winning playwright and three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee James Still brings us a psychological riddle set in the world’s most explosive region, a play about the dedicated women and men who work in the Middle East to secure intelligence.  A play that humanizes the CIA while not sugarcoating the moral ambiguity in which it does its job, Miranda weaves a layered tale of what happens as operatives become emotionally intertwined in the intimate lives of their assets.  A mind-bending existential crisis and emotional ride.

“Henry Godinez makes his IRT directorial debut guiding a stellar corps of actors…  Arya Daire is impressive as Dr. Al-Agbhari, whose intelligence is of great value to Miranda.”

-Ken Klingenmeier, A Seat on the Aisle

“The strongest aspect of James Still’s most recent play at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, Miranda, is the outstanding talent of the cast and crew…  Arya Daire is in excellent form, portraying the anxiety of a female professional practicing in the poorest Middle Eastern country, which is being ravaged in a civil war. She is torn among her loyalty and much needed service to her all-female clientele, her love and hope for her country, and her passion to protect her family.”

          -Watching, Writing and Reading

“Henry Godinez directs a cast that displays coruscating authenticity as these people: (Miranda’s) performance was vividly set against Arya Daire’s Dr. Al-Agbhari, a woman whose pain is starkly current as she seeks to serve Yemeni women whose culture prohibits them from being treated by male doctors.  Daire walked the line expertly between the doctor’s self-control and despair at her practice’s threatened survival.”

           -Jay Harvey, Jay Harvey Upstage

“Daire garners our sympathy as a woman in a harsh but familiar world, torn between conflicting loyalties and cultures, while concerned for her own family’s survival. “Certainty is an American luxury,” the doctor tells Susanna.”

-John Lyle Belden, Plays with John and Wendy